A bunion, also referred to as hallux abducto valgus, is a bony bump on the side of the big toe, causing the joint to swell outward and become painful. The problem arises when a progressive dislocation of the joint causes the big toe to drift toward the second toe. When the big toe leans toward the second toe, rather than pointing straight ahead it throws out the alignment of the bones– producing the bunion’s “bump.” Bunions begin with a leaning of the big toe, gradually increasing the angle of the bones over the years and slowly producing the characteristic bump, which becomes increasingly more prominent. Symptoms generally include pain as a result of shoe pressure against the bony prominence. The condition may also cause difficulty walking, ingrown toenails, and corns and calluses. Treatment for bunions starts with conservative treatment options consisting of anti-inflammatory medications and orthotics. Surgical correction, if indicated, is aimed at realigning the first metatarsal with the second. There are several different surgical options available, depending on the cause and severity of the bunion.