Your eyes are known as the windows to your soul; additionally, your feet are a window to your general health. Pacific Foot & Ankle Care specializes in the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of health problems associated with the foot and ankle. Conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, nerve and circulatory disorders may show their initial symptoms in the feet.

Please click on the conditions below for more information about common foot and ankle conditions we treat on a regular basis:

 - Athlete’s Foot

 - Bunions

 - Corns and Calluses

 - Diabetic Foot Problems

 - Fungal Toenails

 - Geriatric Foot Problems

 - Hallux Rigidus

 - Hammertoes

 - Heel Pain

 - Ingrown Toenails

 - Neuromas

 - Orthotics

 - Pediatric Foot Problems

 - Plantar Warts

 - Reconstructive Foot Surgeries

 - Tailor’s Bunions





Your feet mirror your general health. Foot and ankle conditions generally fall into the following categories:

 - Congenital foot and ankle problems, which are generally inherited

 - Acquired foot and ankle problems

 - Traumatic foot and ankle problems associated with injuries

 - Arthritic foot and ankle problems

 - Dermatological foot and ankle problems

 - Infectious foot and ankle problems

 - Neoplastic disorders, called tumors

Our office performs/coordinates the following services for your care: 

 - Biomechanical examinations 

 - Orthotics

 - Diabetic foot screening and care

 - Preventive foot care

 - Reconstructive surgery

 - Sports medicine and physical therapy

 - Imaging studies