Hallux Rigidus

Stiffness of the big toe joint is known as hallux rigidus; “hallux” means “big toe,” and “rigidus” means “stiff.” Normally, the big toe bends about 60-75 degrees when you walk. If your foot is very flat, your big toe has been injured, or you wear shoes that are too tight, too much pressure may be placed on the joint, limiting its motion. Over time, the joint can become painful, stiff, deformed, and eventually destroyed. Symptoms generally include pain, stiffness with activity, cold weather, activities, swelling and a bump around the big toe joint. If the condition is caught early, treatments may prevent or postpone the need for surgery in the future. Treatment can include orthotics, medications, injections, physical therapy, and shoe changes. If the joint remains painful surgical options to help decrease pain are considered.