Pediatric Foot Problems

There are certain foot problems that specifically affect children, in addition to many of the same foot problems as adults. Common childhood foot conditions include flat feet, curved feet, toe walking, in-toeing, and out-toeing may cause the child to walk or run in ways that are abnormal. This can significantly affect a child’s development as well, potentially leading to more serious foot and ankle problems as adults. Pediatric growth encompasses a wide range of normal development patterns. Parents may be educated that their children will simply “grow out of it”. While this may be true in many cases, we encourage parents to have their children’s feet examined regularly in order to monitor any foot conditions to help ensure that proper growth and development are occurring. This is especially important in families where the parents have foot problems, so that children can enjoy their lives to the fullest both now and as adults. The best treatment for your child will depend on the individual condition, and may include stretching exercises, casting, orthotics, and surgery if conservative measure are not successful.